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The 100th Anniversary of the Maxim Gorky Vitebsk City Library

The 100th Anniversary of the Maxim Gorky Vitebsk City Library
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The virtual reading room of the National Library of Belarus provides access to the partner organization’s information space.

Online resources of the Maxim Gorky Central City Library reflect the history and present day of Vitebsk, which is the main city of the Pridvinsky Territory, as well as the level of development of the information potential of the library, which has reached its “golden” anniversary.

The Time of Courage (in Russian: Время мужества) project, prepared by librarians in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, is a kind of virtual memorial to the heroism and dedication of the participants of the Great Patriotic War, whose names are associated with Vitebsk and the region. It includes information about the Heroes of the Soviet Union, partisans and underground workers, soldiers and officers, as well as key points in the activities of underground groups and the liberation operation of Vitebsk. Textual information is illustrated with documentary photographs of the war years.

Honorary Citizens of Vitebsk (in Russian: Почетные граждане Витебска) is a “virtual portrait” of people who received this high rank for their significant contribution to the socio-economic, scientific, technical and cultural development of Vitebsk, as well as for other services to the city. Both citizens of the Republic of Belarus residing in the territory of Vitebsk and beyond, as well as citizens of foreign states are represented. The personal page of each laureate of an honorary title includes his biography, bibliographic information and a photo gallery.

On the website of the Centralized Library System of Vitebsk, you can also get acquainted with other resources created by the library staff.

These and other local history resources of the libraries of Belarus are publicly available through the virtual reading room and the website Belarus in the Information Space.

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