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Test access to the “Izvestia” newspaper archive

Test access to the “Izvestia”  newspaper archive
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The National Library of Belarus is providing test access to the electronic archive of the “Izvestia” newspaper in the database East View.

“Izvestia” is a Russian social-political and business daily newspaper founded in March 1917. The newspaper's themes: coverage of events in Russia and abroad, analytics and commentaries, business and economics survey, culture and sports. The electronic archive comprehends the period from 1917 to 2010 and includes more than 170 000 full text articles.

Test access to the electronic archive of the newspaper “Izvestia” in the database East View is provided till 30 November, 2011.


First Conference "The Poet and the World"

16 Oct 2020

A significant event took place at the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum on October 15: the first scientific and practical conference "The Poet and the World". The event was dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Piatrus Browka and the 40th anniversary of the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum.

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Common Future by Joint Forces

16 Oct 2020

The Official Documents Service Department (room 207) presents a thematic book exhibition “Common Future by Joint Forces” to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations from October 16 to November 11.

Book exhibitions

Gentle, Sweet, Kind

13 Oct 2020

The Library has organized an exhibition "Gentle, Sweet, Kind" dedicated to Mother's Day (October 14) that will be on show from October 13 to November 30 (2nd floor, circular corridor).

Book exhibitions