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Tender, Cute, Kind: to the Mother's Day
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Surprise for Mom

Surprise for Mom
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On October 10, a creative lesson “Surprise for Mom”, timed to the Mother's Day, took place in the children's room.

During the event, which was held in a fun and exciting atmosphere, the kids prepared with warmth and love many gifts for their moms.

At first the children participated in a contest “Surprise Your Mom”. Having received a colored heart with a question, each told an interesting story about their moms. In the fun pantomime "Pets", the children showed ingenuity by depicting their favorite animals.

A cup, which the kids made themselves, was an original surprise with a piece of goodness and love of children's hearts.

Good music and communication contributed to a festive and soulful atmosphere, making this event enjoyable and unforgettable.

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Results of the Republican Competition "The Best Public Center of Legal Information" to Be Summed Up

12 Oct 2018

The results of the Republican competition “The Best Public Center of Legal Information”, held for the first time in 2018, have been summed up. The competition is intended to strengthen the role of public libraries in shaping the legal culture of citizens and to stimulate the creative initiative of employees of public centers of legal information in the framework of their professional activities.

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Happy Mother's Day!

12 Oct 2018

In anticipation of the holiday, we have collected small stories told by children and grandchildren of employees of the National Library. The narrators talk about what they appreciate the most about their mothers and grandmothers, and also share their opinions about working in the library.

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