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Session of the Council of Libraries of Belarus for Information Interaction

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On February 19th in National Library of Belarus took place the meeting of the Council of Libraries of Belarus for Information Interaction.

Director of the National Library of Belarus R.S. Motilsky presided at the session. Heads of republican and regional libraries of Belarus and representatives of the National Library of Belarus participated in the event.

At the meeting the following problems were considered:

  1. The Council of Libraries of Belarus for Information Interaction: implementation of the main activity directions in 2009 and perspectives of their development.
  2. Change of membership of the executive committee of the Council of libraries of Belarus on information interaction.
  3. The main events to be organized by the Council of Libraries of Belarus for Information Interaction in 2010.
  4. Preparation of the State program “Culture”.
  5. Development of the subprogram for creating National Electronic Library of Belarus within the framework of the State development program for information community of the Republic of Belarus for 2011–2015.
  6. Preparation of the development program for National bibliography of Belarus.
  7. The main approaches to publishing and distribution of the journal “The Library World”.

The activities of the Council of Libraries of Belarus for Information Interaction were highly appreciated by participants of the meeting.

The priority guidelines for 2010 were determined:

  • Cooperation with for granting discounts for centralized acquisition of electronic information resources; participation in the events held by for intellectual property protection and copyright protection, promotion of open software; exchange of information on an effectual use of electronic information resources; payment of membership fee for participation in the programs of
  • Coordination of acquisition of information electronic resources by Belarusian libraries and development of the services of the Virtual reading room of National Library of Belarus: development of approaches and definition of repertory of databases acquired and distributed in Belarus; organization of events for promotion and use of acquired and tested electronic information resources; administration of the mode of information on electronic resources acquired by libraries.
  • Organization of discussion of questions of intellectual property protection and copyright and adjacent rights protections in the context of activity of Belarusian libraries.
  • Promotion of the open access to scientific resources and the open software for activity of libraries.
  • Discussion of conceptual and normative documents concerning activity of all Belarusian libraries in general or a separate group of libraries.

June 27 Marks the Birthday of Dmitry Lybin, a Famous Belarusian Composer and Teacher

26 Jun 2020

Dmitry Lybin was born in 1963 in Minsk. He graduated with honours from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music with the major in musicology (under the guidance of professor I. Ryzhkin class) and the Belarusian State Academy of Music majoring in composition (under the guidance of professor D. Smolsky). He completed an internship at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory and the Chopin Warsaw Academy of Music.

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