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Seminar on the system "Antiplagiarism"

Seminar on the system "Antiplagiarism"
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The seminar dedicated to the innovative system "Antiplagiarism" was held in the Library on December 17.

The event was organized by the National Library of Belarus, companies Анти-Плагиат and Трэгросс-Инфо.

Heads and specialists of the Belarusian Libraries and other information institutions interested in the information support quality increase, as well as scientific workers, professors of the higher education institutions, young scientists took part at the seminar. There were more than 90 participants.

The executive director of the company Анти-Плагиат J. Čachovič made a report during the seminar. The opportunities and characteristics of the system, search algorithms and technical solutions were disclosed, examples of the use of the system Antiplagiarism were provided, the project history and plans for future were disclosed.

At the end of the seminar the speaker answered numerous questions of the participants.