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Say Yes! to Smartphones in Museum Classes

Say Yes! to Smartphones in Museum Classes
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An interactive quiz was organized in the Book Museum for schoolchildren of the 7th “A” class of Svisloch secondary school named after A.G. Chervyakov. They answered questions with their smartphones.

It's no secret that a smartphone today is an important part of the life of a modern person. On the one hand, the goal of museums is to “pull” children out of smartphones and “immerse” them in real cultural space. On the other hand, the proper use of technology can make museums and museum activities more attractive.

Three teams competed for the title of book experts. Everyone participated with interest and due to this activity repeated the information received during the lesson about the library and the history of the Belarusian book. Technology only reinforced the impression of a visit to the library and museum of the book.

Museum classes were organized as part of the “On a Visit to the Books" project.

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16 Sep 2019

On September 15 Belarus celebrated the Library Day. It’s an excellent occasion to analyze their role in present time. Today there are not just places to study and work, but popular public venues. In addition to books, you can relax culturally there: attend lectures, exhibitions, take part in quests and much more.

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