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Belarusian Book Industry in the Year of Native Land: a presentation

Runners-up Show Their Talent and Artistry: the contest of young readers

Runners-up Show Their Talent and Artistry: the contest of young readers
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On December 20, the library hosted the final of the annual contest in reading works of Belarusian authors, dedicated to the Year of Native Land.

The organizers are the National Library of Belarus, Vitebsk regional organization and Novopolotsk city organization of the Republican public association “Belaya Rus”.

The competition of readers for Novopolotsk city organization is a traditional event. The participants recite works of Belarusian writers and poets, competing in artistry and technical performance. The contest instills in young people love for their mother language and acquaint with the best examples of Belarusian literature.

This year, students of grades 7–11 from Novopolotsk, Polotsk and Polotsk district showed their talents. The jury reviewed more than 150 applications in the qualifying round. Twenty readers with the most memorable and vivid performances are in the final.

The event participants made a guided tour to the main book treasure of the country, where they could appreciate the architectural features and the decoration of the “Knowledge Diamond”.

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Excursions on National Unity Day

17 Sep 2021

The students of the Minsk City Cadet School and Minsk Secondary School No. 225 attended the excursion of the "Outstanding People of the Motherland" cycle on September 17. For them, excursions were conducted on the heritage of Francysk Skaryna and the writings of Uladzimir Karatkievich.

National Library of Belarus News

The Book Museum Turns 15, Part 2

2 Sep 2021

This year, the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus celebrates 15 years from its opening. The history of the Museum is an important part of the Library's history. We continue a series of publication-recollections about the Museum from its creators and associate experts.

National Library of Belarus News

Sustained Silent Reading: How to Stop Being Afraid and Teach Children to Love Literature

10 Sep 2021

To you, an accomplished book lover, it may seem that the new generation is lost to culture. They don't read anything other than social media posts. This is terrible – mainly because it is not true. However, it is true that getting children to read is becoming harder and harder. What can be done about it? First, take your child to the Children's Room classes in the National Library. Second, recall experiences from the past. Take, for example, an interesting practice from the US school curriculum, which in the distant 1960s distracted children from televisions and put them back on the proper path of book lovers.

Author's Point of View

"To Set in Motion the Eneegy of Conscience..."

21 Sep 2021

An exhibition “To Set in Motion the Energy of Conscience”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Nil Hilievich, national poet of Belarus, literary critic, folklorist, translator, Honored Scientist of Belarus  (1931-2016), is on show in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205)From September 21 to November 15.

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