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Professional Travel to the "Light Castle"

Professional Travel to the "Light Castle"
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The representatives of the “Knowledge Diamond” – Irina Vasilkovich, head of the book exhibition sector, Anna Kovalenko, leading librarian of the international relations sector, Ksenia Kreida, methodologist of the international relations sector, and Inna Karanina, methodologist of the excursion sector – visited the Latvian National Library and the library of the University of Latvia and learned the experience of their Latvian colleagues.

The purpose of the visit, which was held from 22 to 26 October, was to establish new professional contacts, exchange experience and expand cooperation between the organizations. The professional travel was supported by MOST (Mobility Scheme for Targeted People-to-People-Contacts) aimed at expanding contacts between citizens of the European Union and Belarus.

Victoria Moskina, curator of the visit to the Latvian National Library and senior specialist in international cooperation, conducted a fascinating tour of the library, telling about its history and activities at the present stage.

The new building of the Latvian National Library, opened in 2014 and called the “Light Castle”, is among the main attractions of Riga (architect Gunars Birkerts). The largest library in Latvia today plays an important role in the development of the information society, supporting scientific research and continuing education.

The Belarusian delegation visited the popular expositions “Invisible Libraries” and “Books in Latvia”, where, in addition to studying valuable exhibits, you can touch, listen and even taste the books.

The National Library of Belarus is going to celebrate its centenary. In this regard, the representatives of the Public Relations Department shared their experience of celebrating the centenary of the Latvian National Library and spoke about original ideas for organizing anniversary events.

The travel ended with a visit to the library of the University of Latvia, which is known for its innovative approach to user service, and meeting with its staff. The Belarusian delegation also visited the All-Latvia Book Fair.

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Professional Travel to Libraries of Netherlands

14 Nov 2019

The specialists of the National Library of Belarus, Svetlana Pugacheva, Natalia Zelenevskaya and Nelly Kovalevskaya, and the representatives of the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Yuri Getsevich and  Svetlana Getsevich, visited the leading libraries of the Netherlands. The professional travel (November 3–9) was supported by Mobility Scheme for Targeted People-to-People-Contacts (MOST).

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Secrets of the Parisian Stage

14 Nov 2019

“Secrets of the Paris Stage,” a book-illustrative exhibition dedicated to the 155th birthday of the outstanding French painter and graphic artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901), runs in the fine arts room number 306, from November 14 to December 10.

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