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Presentation of the Book by Dr. Scott Carroll

Presentation of the Book by Dr. Scott Carroll
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The presentation of the book by Dr. Scott Carroll, Director of the Manuscript Research Group (USA), took place in the framework of the exhibition project "Belarus and the Bible".

The last event in the framework of the exhibition project "Belarus and the Bible" was organized for VIP-persons, the "Book Professors’ Club"’s participants.

The book by Dr. Scott Carroll is a manual for children and their parents, which includes 4 chapter on history of the book from the ancient time till present.

The publication discovers the world of books and publishing, talks about the development of writing and libraries. There are a lot of tasks which contribute to independent work, the growth of interest and love for learning.

Dr. Scott Carroll expressed his deep gratitude to Olga Zhandarova, translator of the book from English into Belarusian, and Antony Bokun, responsible for the release of the book.

Participants of the presentation overwhelmed with questions the author of the book Dr. Scott Carroll. At the end of the event everyone received the book signed by the author.


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