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Presentation of Joachim Khreptovich’s book

Presentation of Joachim Khreptovich’s book
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On December, 9th, at 5 p.m., a presentation of the book by Joachim Litavor Khreptovich, the last chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, will be held in the gallery "Labyrinth” (on the 3rd floor).

The event is arranged by the National Library of Belarus and the Embassy of Lithuania to the Republic of Belarus.

The book Аб прыродным праве (About The Natural Law) is published in three languages (Lithuanian, Polish and Belarusian) by the Lithuanian publishing house SANTARA.

The foreword is written by Polish historian Krzysztof Tracki who presents Joachim Khreptovich’s book as a symbolic and ideal testament of the former Lithuanian chancellor.

From its part, the National Library of Belarus offers an exhibition of thematic editions and presentation of the media CD The Khreptovichs’ Library which was prepared by the Library in 2009.

For more info, please, call: (375 17) 293 27 81, 293 27 67.