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Participation in the Conference "St. Petersburg and Belarusian Culture"

Participation in the Conference "St. Petersburg and Belarusian Culture"
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Traditionally, in mid-June, the 27th annual conference "St. Petersburg and Belarusian Culture", organized by in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Association of Belarusians, took place in the Russian National Library.

The following issues were considered at the conference: Russian-Belarusian cultural ties, monuments of Belarusian history and book culture from libraries and archives, aspects of musical and artistic culture, literary life, biographies of public figures and other issues.

The main bibliographer of the National Library of Belarus Andrei Baranovsky took part in the work of the scientific event with the report “Unknown Manuscript by the Defender of Leningrad”. He donated his book on the Lepel Infantry school (Smolensk, 2018), one of the heroes is the pre-war graduate of the school, Colonel Mikhail G. Gerasimenko (1920–2014), native of Belarus, member of Leningrad defense, author of manuscripts memories of those unforgettable events.

In accordance with the wishes of the successors of M.G. Gerasimenko, and in honor of the 75th anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad, the manuscript on the memories of a participant in the defense of Leningrad and its digital copy were also transferred by A. Baranovsky to the funds of the Russian National Library.

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