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The Mysteries of the Human Brain

Our Pets

Our Pets
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On July 11, a creative class “Our Pets” was conducted in the Children’s Room.

Listening to the enchanting sounds of music, in an artistic atmosphere, the kids created paper figures of their favorite pets, using the technique of origami.

The boys and girls had fun together, playing board games about animals. They also discovered an original world of sounds with the help of an audio game "Speaking Pen". While reading information from a picture or poster, the handle reproduced animal sounds. The game was not only fascinating, but also cognitive for the kids.

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The Mysteries of the Human Brain

12 Jul 2018

“The Mysteries of the Human Brain“, a thematic exhibition timed to the World Brain Day, runs in the documents of international organizations room (2nd floor, room 207g), from July 12 to September 3.  

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A Trip around the Outskirts of the Past

11 Jul 2018

From July 10 to September 2 in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room. 205) runs "A Trip around the Outskirts of the Past",  a book exhibition timed to the 80th anniversary of Lev Kozlov, runs in the Belarusian literature reading room (205), from July 10 to September 2.

Book exhibitions