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Orsha, the Book Bastion of Eastern Belarus

Orsha, the Book Bastion of Eastern Belarus
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Over the centuries, Orsha was not only an important military post, but also a bastion of Belarusian culture. The region’s traditions of writing and publishing are ancient and original. It makes sense that Orsha has been chosen to host the scientific roundtable "Book Culture Monuments of Orsha District: from the Primer of Spiridon Sobol to the present day."

The event’s main organizer was the National Library of Belarus in partnership with the Pushkin Central Library in Orsha and the Museum Complex of History and Culture of Orsha District.

The activity of the Kuteino typography and the history of Orsha book collections were the most popular subjects among the attendees. The representatives presented reports on the subject: the Deputy Director for Scientific Work and Publishing Alies Susha, Head of the Bibliology Research Department Anatoly Steburako, chief bibliographer of the Bibliology Research Department Galina Kireeva and head of section of the Bibliology Research Department Tatyana Zakharova. The full list of the participants and the topics of reports are available here.

The round table brought together representatives of central and local libraries, archives, museums and the Orthodox clergy. It became an excellent platform to discuss the traditional book culture of the region and exchange opinions on prospects for the future: the development of Register of book monuments of the Republic of Belarus and a large-scale celebration of the 90th anniversary of the birthday of the classic of Belarusian literature, Vladimir Korotkevich.

This round table was the last joint event in 2019 with the participation of national libraries and cultural institutions of Orsha District. This year, the cooperation of the National Library of Belarus with the city of Orsha implemented during the Republican School of Library Directors, hosted by the Pushkin Central Library in June, and most recently the National Library has provided material assistance to strengthen the technical base of libraries in Orsha District. Equipment and furniture donated to libraries should contribute to modernization and make more comfortable the work of readers and librarians.

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