To commemorate Zoya Diakonova's 110th birthday

31 Dec 2022

Zoya Diakonova was born in Smolensk in the family of a priest. In 1930, she graduated from the 2nd Smolensk nine-year political and educational school and was accepted as the head of the hut-reading room of the Romnensky village Council of the Novosokolnichesky district of the Western Region (now the Smolensk region). The young woman was "mobilised to work in a school" in the village of Zhukovo six months later, combining her teaching duties with her role as a senior pioneer leader.

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Slonim’s 770th years anniversary

21 Dec 2022

У 2022 годзе Слонім адзначыў юбілей – споўнілася 770 гадоў з часу ўзнікнення аднаго з найбольш старажытных і прыгожых гарадоў Беларусі, які мае багатую і слаўную гісторыю, глыбокія культурныя традыцыі.

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"Sow what is reasonable, kind and eternal!"

4 Oct 2023

The thematic exhibition "Sow what is reasonable, kind and eternal!" dedicated to the World Teacher's Day is open from October 4 to November 6 in the hall of documents of international organizations (room 207g).