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Museum Classes on Vacations

Museum Classes on Vacations
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Do children want to study on holidays? Breaking down the stereotypes, the National Library offers museum classes on vacations.

Schoolchildren, responding to the proposal, get a unique experience of knowledge, aesthetic perception and emotional impression of belonging to history and culture.

During the classes, the library turns into a communicative space where children learn the history of book culture through dialogue, games and creativity.

Learning is carried out through knowledge and action. Pupils examine exhibits at the Book Museum, listen to information and study the diversity of book cultures and traditions of different eras. The learning process includes creative tasks, such as developing an original library design, or creating a “bamboo book” from wooden sticks, or drawing an initial letter. As a result, each participant gets an interesting experience and creates his or her art object dedicated to book culture.

Special attention is paid to the Brest Bible, the original and facsimile of which is now presented at the Book Museum’s exhibition “Touch the Brest Bible.”

The classes are part of the educational project "On a Visit to Books."

The photographs show the participants from Minsk high school number 190 (1st grade), Minsk high school number 94 in (4th grade) and Borovlyany secondary school (3rd grade).

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Scientific and practical conference "Library as a cultural and historical aspect of the country's development"

18 Sep 2020

September 17, 2013 Grodno hosted a scientific-practical conference "Library as a cultural and historical aspect of the country's development", dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the founding of the Grodno Regional Scientific Library named after E.F. Karsky. Director General of the National Library of Belarus R.S. Motulsky took part in the solemn event and made a welcoming speech to the participants.

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Tourism for Peace and Development

16 Sep 2020

From September 16 to October 14, a thematic book exhibition “Tourism for Peace and Development” dedicated to the World Tourism Day was opened in the Official Documents Service Department of the National Library of Belarus (2nd floor, room 207).

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