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Museum Classes in Brest

Museum Classes in Brest
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Classes for children in the framework of the program "Touch the Brest Bible" were held on October 6 in the department of literature for children and youth of the M. Grorky Brest Regional Library.

Young participants have seen the facsimile edition of the famous Brest Bible. Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus, book and culture expert, Alexander Susha, and the Head of Research and Project Work Sector Tatiana Sapieha reported on the topic.

Children using the "time machine" appeared in Brest of 16th century. They learned about the history of printing and publishing. The central object of knowledge has become the most mysterious, beautiful and expensive edition in Russian history, the Brest Bible. Each participant was able to touch the book monument.

Classes were organized with the help of interactive communication and the principle of creativity, stimulating intellectual and creative activity of children, the ability to perceive the creative culture phenomenon.

The library is increasingly becoming a cultural and educational space, which transmit cultural experience, form a stable perception of the philosophical, moral and cultural values ​​of previous generations. Classes have demonstrated that the popularization of book heritage for children is an important and actual direction of library activities. They aim to develop interest in books and reading, the formation of pride in the achievements and rich traditions of Russian book culture.

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Sun Fruits

10 Aug 2020

Children’s Room held “Sun Fruits” master-class on August 8. The kids learned how to make colorful and juicy fruits in the single-glass window plasticine graphic technique.

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