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Museum Class with Dr. Scott Caroll

Museum Class with Dr. Scott Caroll
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The famous explorer of ancient manuscripts Scott Carroll and members of the Book Professors‘Club examined the 300-year-old hand-written scroll at the Book Museum.

The children were already familiar with the venerable scholar and eagerly awaited for the next meeting. Last year, the American scientist was the curator of the exhibition project "Belarus and the Bible," which was held at the National Library. Dr. Scott Carroll gave some classes for the “book professors” and liked them a lot.

This time, the children explored the real 30-meter manuscript. The ancient parchment, on which people wrote before the invention of paper, is treated animal skin. To make the skin suitable for writing, it had to be thoroughly washed and soaked to clean, and this procedure took several days. Then the skin was polished and pressed.

The attendees became assistants in the study of the manuscript, and it was a responsible and very interesting task. The young "professors" had to count the number of pieces of parchment that make up the scroll, the number of columns on the "page", and to define a variety of scribes’ handwriting. The children also noticed an amount of corrections in the scroll and fixed all of them.

At the end of the lesson each attendee received an autograph from the famous explorer.

The classes are part of the series "Touch the Brest Bible."

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