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Modern Belarusian Chamber and Symphonic Music: a public lecture

Modern Belarusian Chamber and Symphonic Music: a public lecture
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December 5. Irina Gorbushina, PhD, senior research officer at the Kandrat Krapiva Institute of Art Studies, Ethnography and Folklore, gave a public lecture on modern Belarusian chamber and symphonic music. The event was part of the project “Belarusian Music in the World Art Space.”

Today is the heyday of Belarusian chamber and symphonic music, as evidenced by the fact that Belarusian musicians win awards and diplomas at national and international competitions. At the turn of the century, many new names have appeared in Belarusian music.

During the lecture, the attendees listened to audio clips of recognized masters and talented youth: I. Olovnikova, I. Shumilina (piano), V. Mitsenko (violin), N. Sevryukov (button accordion), T. Kormazinova (flute), G. Zabara (clarinet) , E. Gladkova (cymbals), the ensemble of trumpeters “Intrada” and the ensemble of soloists “Classic Avangard.”

The next lecture will be on December 12, at 15:00.

All interested are invited.


Free admission (a library card or a ticket of the library's social and cultural center are required).

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 52.

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