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Meetings of CIS Head of Governments Council and EURASEC Interstate Council

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On 19 May at the National Library of Belarus took place the meetings of the CIS Head of Governments Council and the EURASEC Interstate Council (the Custom Union superior body) on governmental level.

At the meeting of the CIS Head of Governments Council the parties considered the draft of the Free Trade Zone Treaty, the project of the Interstate Program of Innovative Cooperation of the CIS Member States for the period up to 2020, the preparation to the Year of Food Security 2011. The questions of the forthcoming interstate exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the CIS and the interstate cooperation in the field of nuclear power, the urgent issues of culture, art, education and science were considered as well.

At the meeting of the EURASEC Interstate Council Heads of Governments considered the activities of the Custom Union and the formation of the Common Free Market Zone. A particular attention was paid to the implementation of the common antichrists plan. Besides, the Prime Ministers considered organizational aspects of the establishment of the EURASEC Court which is to be an adjudicating authority within the framework of the EURASEC and the Custom Union.

The meetings ended in signing of treaties and agreement.