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Meeting with a lawyer on the topic equal guarantees for persons with disabilities

Meeting with a lawyer on the topic equal guarantees for persons with disabilities
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On November 23, the National Library of Belarus and the Belarusian Republican Bar Association organized and held a monthly meeting with a lawyer on the topic of information and legal education of citizens: «Legal guarantees for disabled people and benefits for families raising disabled children».

Tatiana Tarakhovich, a lawyer of the Minsk Regional Bar Association, a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Detection Specialists, delivered a lecture to the audience.

The meeting covered in detail the basic rights of disabled people and families raising children with disabilities; guarantees for employed disabled people; issues of establishing and revoking the status of a disabled person, as well as tax benefits provided for disabled people.

The event also includes a thematic exhibition of literature from the collections of the National Library of Belarus, presented in the Hall of legal Information (room 207b).

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«Zhive pamizh nami dudar nash…»

31 Jan 2023

The exhibition "Zhive pamizh nami dudar nash..." has been on display in the library since January 31. The exhibition is dedicated to the 215th anniversary of the birth of Vincent Dunin-Marcinkevich, a great Belarusian dramatist, poet, publicist, educator, translator, literary and public figure (1808–1884).

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