What is Jolabokaflod and Why You Also Need It

28 Dec 2021

What is your ideal New Year's present? If you're such a rabid fan of reading that you follow the articles of the National Library, this is clearly a book. Large selection, beautifully designed and easy to pack. Perfect. The tradition of giving books as holiday gifts is much older than it seems, but some countries have managed to turn it into something special. Into an extraordinary experience that is worth adopting for all of us. Get your diction up: we're going to talk about what Jolabokaflod is and why you need it.

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The Magical World of Belarusian Nature

23 Dec 2021

The Panorama Gallery hosted the opening of "The Green View" photo exhibition, which introduces viewers to the unique and diverse flora and fauna of the National Landscape Reserve "Hrodna Forest" on December 23.

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Song of a Forgotten Holiday: How Charles Dickens Invented (Not Really) Christmas

22 Dec 2021

The winter holiday atmosphere is a fertile ground for writers, which is why stories have always been written that revolve around fir trees, presents, fireside gatherings and the appreciation of the family. All in all, Christmas by the checklist. Has it always been like this? No. But one day Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol burst into literature and taught everyone what real holidays should be like. Get comfy: it's time to talk about how Dickens invented the modern Christmas – and whether he invented it at all.

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About Dedications in Books and What's Behind Them

20 Dec 2021

Where do you start reading? No, let's set aside the "agonizing choice", "buying" and "trying to find the time and place" stages; where do you really start reading? Before your eye grabs the first line, it goes through all those seemingly superfluous things – a poetic epigraph, an introduction by a translator, a dedication to some people... Who cares about them? Does it really matter whom the writer is actually dedicating his or her book? The answer is actually yes, very important. Let's explore what's behind the dedication in books and why we, the readers, need it.

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Hard Work Multiplied by Talent

15 Dec 2021

December 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth (1921‒1986) of literary critic, critic and publicist, Doctor of Philological Sciences Sciapan Alieksandrovich. For forty years, he worked in the field of Belarusian culture and gained wide and reliable recognition as one of its most diligent promoters, discoverer of little-known names in Belarusian literature, of forgotten facts and pages of its history.

Through the Pages of the Belarusian Calendar

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Ancient Cities of Belarus

24 Jan 2022

The thematic exhibition "The Ancient Cities of Belarus", timed to coincide with the Year of Remembrance, is on show from 24 January in the 3rd-floor circular gallery.