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Literary evening "The Circles of Life of Jan Skrygan" at the National Library of Belarus (+Video)

Master of the Belarusian Short Story: to the 115th Anniversary of Jan Skrygan

Master of the Belarusian Short Story: to the 115th Anniversary of Jan Skrygan
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We present a new section of the virtual project "On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life", realized by the National Library of Belarus, the State Museum of the History of the Belarusian Literature, the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art and "Maladosts" magazine on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the literary association "Maladnyak". On November 12, the section was presented at the literary evening “Circles of Life of Jan Skrygan”, which took place at the Library.

Jan Skrygan (1905-1992) was an outstanding Belarusian poet, prose writer, critic, creator of the Belarusian sketch story as a new literary genre. The writer was member of the Slutsk branch of the "Maladnyak" literary association. Jan Skrygan differed from some other "Maladnyak" members by his dedication to the tradition, a keen sense of the language, love for his native word, a desire to learn, not to teach.

I am rereading books by Jan Skrygan, page by page, and I don't want ot part with them... I can feel the lively tone of the writer. <...> I'm savouring sweet language of Skrygan's pages, like a scaber stalk in summer heat. I learn from him. He interests me and I need him. Because he's not only a writer. He is an individuality.
Elena Vasilevich
Jan Skrygan was a fighter for the purity of the national literary language. For his participation in the creation of the twelve-volume Belarusian Soviet Encyclopaedia, the writer received the State Prize of Belarus (1976). Working on the language of the encyclopaedia, he strove for it to be enriched from the sources of the living speech of the Belarusian people, to be scientifically reliable and at the same time understandable to the mass reader.

On the project page, you can get acquainted with the author's books, his translations; here you can also find full texts of eight books by J. Skrygan, which we managed to present thanks to the author's agreement with the writer's heiress, Ms Galina Skrygan. Among them are “A Pool in Storms” (1929), “The Sun is Blazing” (1930), “Katsia Lapiankova” (1932), “Unfinished Portrait” (1932), “Encounters” (1935) and others. You can also find the collections of works and books of the writer, that his daughter compiled - "Bitter Distances of the Heart" (2013), "I'm Glad I Knew Them" (2014). The section about the study of the writer's work contains books with memories of the author and bibliographic lists from books, encyclopaedias and periodicals about Jan Skrygan's life and work. Full texts of the articles by researchers who wrote about him (N. Gryshchuk, G. Skrygan, K. Tsvirka) are available for readers online.

The poet's “Photo Gallery”, which was prepared with the participation of the project partners, will introduce you to the photographs of the writer’s relatives and friends, his letters and manuscripts, and personal belongings. There are also documents from "Photo Records from Domestic Archives of Jan Skrygan", published for the anniversary of the writer.


Stsiapan Siamashka, Pawliuk Shukajla, Piatrus Browka, Janka Viduk (Skrygan).
From the archives of Jan Skrygan. Polatsk. 1927
From the funds of the State Museum of the History of the Belarusian Language


Jan Skrygan's letter to Maxim Tank.
August 15, 1965
From the collections of Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art

A. Astreiko Kopyl District Central Library and the "Batskawshchyna" Museum of History and Local Lore (Head I. Tagil; Kamen rural settlement of the Kopyl District) also participated in the project. The subsection "Perpetuation of the Memory of Jan Skrygan" contains photographs from the writer's homeland, photographs of his belongings and documents sent by these institutions.


The exhibition dedicated to Jan Skrygan at the "Batskawshchyna" Museum of History and Local Lore
(Kamen, Kopyl district, Minsk region)
Photo of the State Educational Institution "Kamen Educational and Pedagogical Complex Kindergarten  Secondary School"

We invite you to get acquainted with the project on the Russian and Belarusian pages of the Internet portal of the National Library of Belarus!

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