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Lida Hosts a Seminar Timed to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus

Lida Hosts a Seminar Timed to the Year of the Native Land in Belarus
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On October 16, Lida Regional Library named after Yanka Kupala hosted a seminar on “Regional Libraries in the Year of the Native Land: an effort for the spiritual, moral and patriotic education of children and young adults”.

The event was held as part of the Fourth Diocesan Christmas Educational Readings in Lida.

The seminar was organized by the Diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church in Lida and Lida Regional Library named after Yanka Kupala.

The seminar was attended by heads and staff of public libraries, Lida Regional Library named after Yanka Kupala, Ivye District Library, Borisov district library named after Kolodeev, parish libraries of Lida Diocese, and also teachers of Minsk Theological Seminary and clergy of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The National Library of Belarus was represented by Olga Rynkevich, a chief librarian at the Library Science Department.

The seminar discussed the issues of spiritual enlightenment and patriotic education of children and young adults. The Orthodox regional studies promote an interest in the spiritual culture of the Belarusians, forming a respect for the historical past and responsibility for the homeland and its future.

Archpriest Maxim Ziegel, secretary of Lida Diocese, opened the event. Maria Duky, chief specialist at the Culture Department of Lida District Executive Committee, and Artem Martynov, director of Lida Regional Library named after Yanka Kupala, addressed welcoming speeches to the attendees.

The experience of Lida Diocese’s central library is unique in the country.

The main purpose of a diocesan library, which is based on a public library, is to promote the revival of spiritual enlightenment and the formation of spiritual and moral education in Orthodox tradition.

Thanks to the active work of the staff and with the full support of Archpriest Maxim Ziegel, Lida City Branch Library won the first place in the Third Republican Contest “The Library as a Center for Spiritual Education” in nomination “Spiritual and Moral Enlightenment of Children and Young Adults”.

In addition, the library monitors and records information on Orthodox literature in public and parish libraries of the Diocese of Lida and provides them with methodological assistance. Thus, Lida City Branch Library performs a very important function as a methodical center for the libraries of the city of Lida and Lida district, introducing readers to the world of Orthodoxy through the book and various forms of socio-cultural activity.


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