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Library staff at the Days of Culture of the Rostov region

Library staff at the Days of Culture of the Rostov region
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The employees of the National Library took part in the opening of the Days of Culture of the Rostov region in the Republic of Belarus. The celebrations were held in the Palace of the Republic.

Colleagues visited the exhibition of crafts and craftsmanship of the Don, got acquainted with the activities of the leading museums of the Rostov region: the State Museum of M. A. Sholokhov, the Rostov Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Azov, Starocherkassk, Razdorsky, Taganrog Museum-reserves, etc. At the photo exhibition of the Sholokhov Museum the autographs of Y. Kolas and P. Brovka addressed to the writer were presented.

During the cultural program, the library staff heard how the Don Riley sounds, got acquainted with the best folk craftsmen of the Rostov region, who presented products of decorative and applied arts, various types of crafts common on the Don: works made of leather, ceramics, metal, wood, Don vine, flax and wool.

Don craftsmen held different workshops on spinning yarn on a spinning wheel and spindle, lace weaving on bobbins, making traditional dolls, working on a potter's wheel, weaving a Cossack whip and crafts from the Don vine.

The atmosphere of the Don colour was complemented by the performance of the folklore ensemble "Volnitsa" and the vocal ensemble "Ataman" of the Rostov regional House of Folk Art.

The events gave the library staff unforgettable impressions and positive emotions.

The material was provided by the NBB Trade Union Committee.


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