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IPR BOOKS E-library

IPR BOOKS E-library
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The National Library of Belarus provides access to the Russian full-text database – the electronic library system IPR BOOKS.

The database is designed for university students, teachers, graduates and practitioners in different areas.

IPR BOOKS contains more than 136,000 publications, including 40,000 educational and scientific publications in various disciplines, about 700 titles of Russian and foreign journals (more than 300 journals listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation), over 33,000 audio and video recordings. Popular science, reference books and fiction are also presented in the electronic library. Many publications are an exclusive part of the content that is not presented in other resources, including books by the publishers of the IPR MEDIA group.

Quick and convenient search, screening of publications, use of adaptive technologies for inclusive education are among the IPR BOOKS’ advantages. The content is updated monthly.

Access is provided until December 31, 2019.

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Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities

3 Dec 2019

“Legal and social protection of persons with disabilities,” an exhibition timed to the  International Day of Persons with Disabilities, runs in the international organizations reading room (207g), from 3 to 25 December.

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