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The Library Celebrated the Maladnyak Literary Association Day

In memory of Rimma Chigireva

In memory of Rimma Chigireva
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At the age of 85, Rimma Chigireva passed away. She was the veteran of the National Library of Belarus a highly qualified specialist, a well-known bibliographer, a lore historian, and a public figure.
Read also about the life path of Rimma Chigireva in the article Rimma Chigiryova, a Bibliographer, Library Scientist and Local Historian under the heading Our History: a Portrait Gallery.

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Lecture From Maladnyak to Maladosts

27 Feb 2020

On February 26, From Maladnyak to Maladosts lecture took place as part of the state project On the Wave of Time, Throughout the Life at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications of the Belarusian State University under the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation.

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