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The 2nd Book Festival "Book Meetings in Mir Castle"

The 2nd Book Festival "Book Meetings in Mir Castle"
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The festival "Book Meetings in Mir Castle" took place on June 20. There were a variety of exhibitions in the halls of the museum, all of them thematically united as "Her Majesty the Book".

The exhibition "Retrospective of the Belarusian Exlibris" surprised with a collection of rare ex-libris, from the bookmarks of A. Tychina, dated almost a hundred years old, to the contemporary works of V. Providokhin, M. Kapilova, M. Moroz and many other amazing graphic artists.


The facsimile edition of "The Book Legacy of Francisk Skaryna" of the National Library of Belarus has become a central and very symbolic exhibit of the exhibition "500 Years. Art, Book, Art of a Book". The works by Viive Noor, Estonian book graphic artist and designer, were presented in the exhibition "Children's Book Illustration of Estonia", the works appeared very original and unusual for the Belarusian reader and with the national features.  The participants of the festival were interested in Yuri Krupenkov's art exhibition "Memory of the Place".

The final event of the festival was the round table, combining two themes: "Mir Castle Complex as the UNESCO World Heritage Site: for the 20th anniversary of the inclusion of the Mir Castle on the UNESCO World Heritage List" and "Books – Witnesses of History".

Mr Alexander Susha, Deputy Director General of the National Library of Belarus - Director of Scientific Work and Publishing Activity, pointed out the brightness and relevance of the festival idea. Mr Susha stressed the historical importance of book culture for Belarus, citing the presence of dozens of printing houses and book centres not only in big cities but also in Belarusian towns and monasteries since the days of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The National Library presented local lore publications of the project "Year of Nativ Land. 2018-2020" in an open review as part of the roundtable. About 200 landmark publications dedicated to the history, culture, natural beauty and all the regions of Belarus were brought to the attention of the festival participants. The literature about Mir Castle, Mir City and Grodno region were exhibited as a separate block.

The event was attended by Mr Igor Buzovskiy, Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus, Mr Alexander Loiko, Director of the "Mir" Castle Complex, Mr Alexander Karlyukevich, the author of the idea of the book festival, historians, local historians, book scientists, museologists and art historians.


The events of the festival were held online. You can see the recording of the round table meeting here:

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Looking for Joy

3 Dec 2021

A literary and visual exhibition "Looking for Joy" dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Russian painter and representative of Russian impressionism Konstantin Korovin (1861–1939) is on show in the Fine Arts Reading Room (room 306) from December 3 to January 10.

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The Book Museum Turns 15. Part 4

3 Dec 2021

This year, the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus celebrates 15 years from its opening. History of the Museum is the important part of the Library's history. We continue a series of publication-recollections about the Museum from its creators.

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