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Tender, Cute, Kind: to the Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
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In anticipation of the holiday, we have collected small stories told by children and grandchildren of employees of the National Library. The narrators talk about what they appreciate the most about their mothers and grandmothers, and also share their opinions about working in the library.

Alexandra, 27, mother – Elena Dolgopolova, first deputy director for user service and ideology

Dolgopolova.jpg Since I can remember, my mother has been working at the library, and for me this place has always been a “temple”, however banal it may sound. This is a magical place with many books where my mom works. So I’ve never perceived stereotypically the profession of a librarian.

I have read a lot since childhood, and we have a very large library at home. Mom's profession shaped the way we treat books in the family. Now, when all kinds of literature appear in electronic form, I prefer paper books so that you can hold it in your hand, feeling the book, which, for example, I read before. For me, this is really important, and I think my mother's work influenced this.

In childhood, Mom used to read me serious, developing literature. When I was in first or second grade, she read me Mikhail Lermontov's Mtsyri, and I hid from her in order to read fairy tales. She did not forbid it, of course, but a child is a child.

Egor, 15, grandmother – Irina Dumanskaya, chair of the trade union

Dumanskaja.jpg Our grandmother is very kind, and she’s always happy to meet grandchildren. I think she’s kind at work in the library too, just a little stricter because she’s in charge. Grandma has time to work enough and spend a lot of time with her family. It has always been like this: we come to her, and the table’s been set, and Granny is waiting for us.

I think the work at the National Library is interesting. In the future, I would like to get a part-time job there.

Sofia, 7, mother – Alla Sheremetyeva, head of the information center

Sheremetieva.jpg What is my mother doing? She makes various e-books and manages people at the National Library. I guess this is a very interesting job. I would like to work at the library too, especially as a boss, this is a cool job! I have been to the National Library and especially liked the Book Museum.

Mom has a kind character; she read me books from early childhood. I really like Dunno in the Sunny City of Nikolay Nosov!

Miron, 13, mother – Natalya BashkirovaBashkirova.jpg, head of the cultural and entertainment activity department

My mother runs the department and holds events. I think her work is difficult and responsible, and mother is always working actively. I would, for example, give her sometimes fewer tasks. Mother, in general, is also active at home, she is engaged in household chores and not only. And when she gets tired, she turns on the “rest mode”.

Incidentally, I have been to the National Library. I know that many interesting exhibitions and other events are held here.

Mom often brings home books from the library and for me too. She always finds something interesting to read. As for me, I read the books required by curriculum. In childhood, my acquaintance with books began with the Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling and Alexander Pushkin’s works that mom read for me.

Alexander, 6, mother – Lyudmila Komarovskaya, head of the library tour department

My mother conducts excursions to the National Library, for adults and not only. I had a tour with her, too. I remember us riding in the elevator to a terrible height. When I grow up, I would also like to work at the library and read books there. Now mom and I read about Prostokvashino.

Kostya, 7, mother – Ksenia Susha, chief librarian at the bibliography research department

Susha.jpg My mother works as a bibliographer at the National Library and studies old books. I have been to her office and seen them, even books that were found in the mummy, for example. I like it when my mother is at home with us and when she works. I would like to work at the National Library and do what mom does.

In our family we read different books, now this is The Chronicles of Narnia. Of course, Mom likes to read in her free time. Last weekend we made a birthday card for a friend of mine together, I love spending time with my mother. We read the same books for my sister, but she most loves the stories about Peppa Pig!

Alesya, 7, grandmother – Natalya ShamkoShamko.jpg, head of the BELMARC Format developing sector

At work, Granny Natasha helps buy books for the National Library. This place is necessary so that people can read books. I haven’t been there yet, but I would like to work at the library, like my grandmother.

We often spend time with our grandmother; we went to the zoo and to the theater! And at home she reads me books, for example, about Buratino.

Yana Poleshchuk, editor at the Internet portal maintenance department


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