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Funny Hedgehog

Funny Hedgehog
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An artistic lesson "Funny hedgehog" was held in the Children's Room on June 19.

The technique of making a handcrafted item from natural materials develops imagination and creative thinking. Children learned how to make a cone out of a paper circle – a hedgehog's snout, cut “grass” from green paper, connect pine cones and paper parts of the craft with glue.

Using natural materials, the kids made a funny item – a hedgehog in a green meadow, the hero of children's fairy tales and cartoons.

Read about other activities in the Children's Room and stay tuned for upcoming classes.

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Gatsby and Steak: Why You Should Read Epigraphs

9 Jul 2021

The first lines in a book are always very important. They set the tone, catch the reader's attention, lead him or her by the hand into a wonderful world of literature. But few people remember that just before the beginning of the story, there is a small epigraph huddled in the corner of the page, waiting for you to finally pay attention. And you are scrolling, scrolling... That's a pity. Today we will figure out what's good about epigraphs and why you'd better not ignore them.

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People Are Not For Sale!

14 Jul 2021

A thematic exhibition "People Are Not For Sale!" dedicated to World Anti-Trafficking Day is on show at the Official Documents Service Department (207) from July 14 to August 31.

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Patron and Educator

8 Jul 2021

July 8 marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of Maria Magdalena Radziwill (1861–1945), an activist of the Belarusian cultural movement, an educator, a philanthropist who supported the opening of educational institutions, hospitals, churches, orphanages, publication of books and newspapers in the Belarusian language.

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