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From Theory to Practice: the 5th Forum of Belarusian Librarians Is Over

From Theory to Practice: the 5th Forum of Belarusian Librarians Is Over
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On May 31, as part of the 5th Forum of Belarusian Librarians, workshops were conducted in metropolitan libraries, and a guest meeting on “The Innovation Forms of Work in Public Libraries” was held at the Central City Library in Zhodino.

In Minsk, six metropolitan libraries prepared workshops for participants of the forum, during which the employees changed their experience in organizing socio-cultural events for children, students and elderly persons, revealed the secrets of attracting volunteers to library projects, and also showed innovation approaches to the organization of reader space.

The head of the book exhibition section of the Gallery and Exhibition Activity Department of the National Library of Belarus, Irina Vasilkovich, shared experience in organizing exhibitions in the library.

The Scientific Library of Belarusian National Technological University hosted a workshop on “Library Co-working: from a Concept to Correcting Faults. The Experience of the BNTU Scientific Library”; a workshop on ”Volunteers and Libraries: the Experience in Organizing Free Foreign Language Courses” took place at the Minsk Regional Library named after A. S. Pushkin; the Library number seven named after Yakub Kolas hosted a workshop on ”The Organization of Amateur Communities in Libraries”.

The colleagues from the Central Children’s Library told how to organize work with children in order to attract the attention and interest of young readers. During a workshop at the Fundamental Library of Belarusian State University, the attendees learned how to work with university students and organize the library space at universities.

The forum participants also visited the Central City Library in Zhodino and familiarized themselves with the innovation forms of library service. A city sightseeing tour and a visit to BELAZ Plant, one of the leading Belarusian enterprises, were a pleasant continuation of the workday.

Today, on June 1, a concluding session and closing ceremony of the 5th Forum of Belarusian Librarians took place. The attendees discussed the results of the two-day fruitful work and elaborated new directions in organizing corporate interaction of Belarusian libraries.

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