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September 15 - Day of Libraries of the Republic of Belarus

Congratulations by Mr Yuri Bondar Belarus' culture minister

Congratulations by Mr Yuri Bondar Belarus' culture minister
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Dear friends!

With warmth and kindness, I congratulate you on the Day of Libraries of Belarus!

It is remarkable that there is a holiday in the country, which for almost 20 years has been an important event in the cultural and social life of the republic and attracts the state's attention to the work of librarians, whose professionalism, experience, dedication, creative energy and loyalty to their vocation command immense respect.

The implementation of a consistent library policy at the republican level provides for equipping libraries with the latest engineering and technological equipment, the adoption of regulatory legal documents that ensure their activities in modern economic and socio-cultural conditions, financing of library institutions within the framework of state and sectoral programs implemented in Belarus at the republican and local levels.

This year, the libraries have taken new steps in their development: they announced new interesting services and opportunities moved to a better level of service for remote users made it possible to use information resources and services actively.

Please accept the most heartfelt thanks for your ability to meet modern challenges, your inherent critical thinking and creativity, your ability to comprehensively analyze the situation and be in demand in the context of rapid social development.

I wish you good health, good mood, family well-being, inexhaustible strength and energy for the development of new professional horizons, creative victories and further achievements for the benefit of Belarus!

Yury Bondar – Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus


October 30 – 115 years since the birth of Andrey Bembel (1905-1986), the People's Artist of Belarus and the outstanding sculptor

30 Oct 2020

The artist's name is well known not only to connoisseurs of Belarusian art of the 20th century, but also to numerous guests of our country. Indeed, among the most famous tourist sites are the memorial complex “Brest Hero Fortress, Mound of Glory, Victory Monument in Minsk and much more, and Andrey Bembel is the author and co-author of the monuments.

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Preservation of documents as a guarantee of high-quality satisfaction of readers' requests

29 Oct 2020

In the context of a lack of funding, a lack of space for the placement of funds, a decrease in the copy number of purchased documents, a deterioration in the quality of paper and consumer characteristics of publishing products, the threat of a decrease in the quantitative and qualitative composition of library funds increases. A significant part of the documents can be lost without active work to ensure the safety of library collections.

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