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"Can You Tell Me How to Get to The Library?": the Tourist Video Guide

"Can You Tell Me How to Get to The Library?": the Tourist Video Guide
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The road to the main treasury of the country is well known to Minsk residents – the glowing "diamond" adorns one of the main metropolitan avenues. But for tourists from all over the world, searching for the main attraction of the city can be a real quest.

Now our dear guests can ask the way not only our sympathetic people, but also the Tourist Video Guide, a series of videos about the charms of the Belarusian tourism for open access on the YouTube channel.

The author of the project, Andrey Guzel, has devoted his first video to the National library of Belarus, a tourist visiting card of Minsk. During the interview with the director of the National Library of Belarus, Roman Motulsky, the presenter learned about all the most interesting facts about the library, visited the "holy of holies", the book depository, and even personally fulfilled the reader's order.

To date, the video has already scored 1.5 thousand views! And this means that exactly such a number of people have learned about the "Belarusian Diamond", its unique collection of 100 million items, the Book Museum, the most rare and valuable publications, which have been kept for several hundred years.

What's left off-screen, you ask? Nothing! It turned out to be the most open, "light" and very cognitive video not only for tourists, but also for Belarusians. Watch it on YouTube and share with your friends:


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Turning the Pages of Time

30 May 2018

They say like century, like people. And if you want to know more about “centuries” and “peoples”, read newspapers.  This is still as relevant as it was one hundred years ago. “Newspaper Age: Pages of Time” is a  new co-project of the newspaper  “Sovetskaya Belorussiya – Belarus Segodnya” and the National Library of Belarus, which offers a historical journey through newspapers’ pages and, conformably, an acquaintance with Belarus in the early 20th century.  

Newspaper Age: Pages of Time