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Books as a gift to libraries of educational institutions

Books as a gift to libraries of educational institutions
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In November, the National Library of Belarus donated 1000 copies of the publications to the libraries of Minsk secondary school No. 204 and of the branch “Industrial-Pedagogical College” of the Republic Institute of Professional Education in the framework of the Reading as Information and Knowledge Space charity campaign.

The libraries' funds were replenished with the works of classics of Belarusian and foreign fiction, industrial-practical, educational and educational-methodical publications, children's and educational-production magazines.

The administration, the teaching staff and the libraries’ staff of the institutions, expressed their sincere gratitude to the National Library of Belarus for the assistance provided in replenishing the libraries' funds.

We are grateful to the publishers Belarus, Pachatkovaya shkola, Pravo i ekonomika, Narodnaya asveta; the book-selling organizations BukLainGrupp, BeltaimKniga, Mobilbuk, Krasiko-Print, Piter-M, Evrika-M; Minsk City Institute for Educational Development and the Presidential Library for supporting the campaign.

We invite everyone to join the Reading as Information and Knowledge Space charity campaign!⁠

The material provided by the Book Acquisition Department.


Breadth of the Poetic Eye

20 Feb 2020

Breadth of the Poetic Eye is an exhibition which is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian poet, Mr Grigory Borodulin (1935-2014). The exhibition is on show in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from February 20 to March 19.

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