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Bamboo Books: Do It Yourself!

Bamboo Books: Do It Yourself!
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10 and 16 November. Free classes on Books’ Forms and Materials were held at the Book Professors’ Club.

At classes, the attendees studied the ancient books, which are quite different from modern ones. For example, Chinese books are made of bamboo plates connected with a rope. A wooden board was a book page. To create a scroll-book, they sometimes needed several thousand bamboo planks. Bamboo books are an important milestone of the history of Chinese literature and culture in general. The peculiarity of traditional Chinese writing is that the characters are written from top to bottom and the columns go from right to left. This form of writing is called vertical.

A task on creating "bamboo books" helped the Book Professors to consolidate theoretical knowledge.

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Harmony of Life

13 Dec 2019

“Harmony of Life,” a book-illustrative exhibition timed to the 100th anniversary of the painter Valeriana Zholtok (1919–2000) is open in the | Reading Room (306), from December 13 to January 15.

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