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Master of the Belarusian Short Story: to the 115th Anniversary of Jan Skrygan

Autumn Images

Autumn Images
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A master class on thread painting "Autumn Images" was held in the Children's Room on November 14.

Thread painting technique is not only beautiful and exciting but also easy. Images made with threads have soft shapes; they seem dimensional and "alive". The children created a fluffy and bright image of autumn using soft woolen threads at the class.

In the game "Rope Letters", the kids showed their imagination and diligence in depicting unusual letters.

Read about other activitiesin the Children's Room and stay tuned for upcoming classes.

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The Book Museum Turns 15. Part 3

13 Oct 2021

This year, the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus celebrates 15 years from its opening. History of the Museum is the important part of the Library's history. We continue a series of publication-recollections about the Museum from its creators and associate-experts.

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