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Jason Art-Book (+video)
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An Event with Nadzieja Jasminska

An Event with Nadzieja Jasminska
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On 22 January, young readers met Nadzieja Jasminska, a famous children's author, and learned about her book "The Magic Threads of Ms Janina" at the Library's Book Museum.

Nadzieja Jasminska told the children an interesting story about the events that took place on Zarechnaja Street. It all started with the magic threads with which Ms Janina makes clothes for animals. And when Chmut showed up on the street one day and tried to steal the animals' furs, strange things started to happen.


The children enjoyed the creative tasks of guessing the animal by its fur and catching a mysterious Karakul.

And the most interesting part was the author's reading of her book -  Alies and Aliesia's adventures captivated the listeners. But the intrigue remained unresolved, so the ending of the story is to be found on the pages of "The Magic Threads of Ms Janina".

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Jason Art-Book (+video)

25 Jan 2022

A grand opening of the exhibition, presentation of the work of modern fine and book art, the art book Jason will take place in the Book Museum on January 25 at 4 p.m.

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Ancient Cities of Belarus

24 Jan 2022

The thematic exhibition "The Ancient Cities of Belarus", timed to coincide with the Year of Remembrance, is on show from 24 January in the 3rd-floor circular gallery.

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