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19th International Conference "Crimea"

19th International Conference "Crimea"
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From 2 to 10 June, the 19th International Conference "Crimea-2012: libraries and information resources in the modern world of science, culture, education and business" took place in Sudak (the Republic of Ukraine).

The Conference "Crimea" is carried out under the auspices of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), which is the main coordinating center for the global library and information community.

In the conference the representatives of the delegation from the National Library of Belarus (NLB): Director of the Library R. Motulsky; Deputy Director for Information Resources T. Kuzminich; Head of Electronic library legal maintenance section O. Voronetskaya; chief librarian of acquisition division O. Sakovich.

The main professional questions discussed by the members of the delegation were the following directions of the conference:

  • digital libraries, digital collections;
  • international library cooperation and collaboration;
  • world information infrastructure, national information system and national libraries;
  • copyright and open access to information.

The representatives of the NLB participated in defferent sessions of the conference and made reports: "The activities of the National Library of Belarus on research and popularization of historical book collections" (R. Motulsky, the section "Library Science, Bibliography and Bibliology"), "The partnership of libraries on the territory of Belarus in the context of the acquisition and use of electronic information resources"(T. Kuzminich, the section "Information market and the development of library collections"), "Legislative initiatives of the library community in Belarus: new possibilities of information" (O. Voronetskaya, section "Library innovations and management of quality. Protection of copyright and intellectual property of libraries"), "Electronic archive of national periodicals: modern stage of development" (O. Sakowicz, section "Electronic Libraries").

The delegation of the National Library of Belarus took part in discussions, in the events of the IFLA Forum during the conference and others. Within the framework of national electronic consortium and subscription agencies there were held negotiations with representatives of companies EBSCO, Elsevier, Oxford University, ProQuest, "University Library", "Scientific Electronic Library" and were achieved prior agreement on cooperation.

Within the framework of the conference he carried negotiations with the representatives of leading foreign companies and manufacturers of electronic information resources on the terms of subscription of the National Library of Belarus and other libraries from Belarus for foreign electronic information resources (EIR) for 2013. There was signed an agreement to make the presentation of electronic information resources at the National Library of Belarus in September – November 2012.

The negotiations were carried with the heads of the firm Ekslibris, the world’s largest manufacturer of software products for libraries and information institutions. All its suggestions on supply of software for the creation of the national digital library of Belarus and search engines to it were cafefully considered. The parties also came to the conclusion to make the presentation about company’s products in the building of the National Library of Belarus.

Within the framework of the conference there was held an annual meeting of the non-commercial organization Eurasia Library Assembly. On this meeting it was decided to organize the following one on 13 September 2012 in Minsk as part of the international forum "The National Library as a cultural phenomenon", devoted to the 90th anniversary of the NLB.


Founder of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Belarus

21 Jun 2021

June 21 marks the 280th anniversary of the birth of the famous French scientist-encyclopaedist, doctor of medicine, professor Jean Emmanuel Gilibert (1741-1814), who is rightfully considered the founder of pharmaceutical sciences in Belarus. He created and for several years headed the first higher medical institution in the territory of modern Belarus – the Hrodna Medical Academy.

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17 Jun 2021

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