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The 16th International Congress of Slavicists to Be Held in the Capital of Serbia

The 16th International Congress of Slavicists to Be Held in the Capital of Serbia
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The 16th International Congress of Slavicists, a major scientific forum devoted to the problems of the development of Slavic languages, literature, cultures in their interaction, which is held every five years since 1929, is held in Belgrade on August 20–27.

The capital of Serbia became the center of world Slavic studies in 2018. The main work of the Congress is concentrated in the following areas:

  • language;
  • literature, culture, folklore;
  • Slavic issues;
  • Serbian Slavic Studies (special theme of the Congress).
The previous Slavic Forum was held in 2013 in Minsk. Then Bosko Suvajdzic, elected chairman of the International Slavic Committee, noted that the organization of the congress is a big responsibility: "This is a very difficult task, if we bear in mind the Slavonic crisis - both academic discipline and the humanities. But we are ready to host a forum in Belgrade". On behalf of the Serbian delegation, the professor expressed great gratitude to the organizers of the 25th International Congress of Slavicists for the excellent organization of the forum, stressing that the experience of Belarusian colleagues will help in organizing the meeting in Belgrade.

Alexander Susha, Deputy Director of the National Library of Belarus, took part in the congress. During the scientific events it is expected to discuss cooperation with foreign libraries, educational and scientific institutions in the mainstream of Slavic studies.

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