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10 minutes older….

10 minutes older….
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On July 15th, within the framework of the project “The Reference Point”, an educative and creative program "10 minutes older….” was held at the National Library of Belarus.

Constantly perceiving the fateful action of time, we ask ourselves: “What is Time?”, but we don’t manage to find the correct answer.

Guests of the program could see the short films by famous masters of cinema that reflect their vision and perceptiont of Time:

  • “History of Water” by Bernardo Bertolucci(Italy);
  • “One Moment” by Jiri Menzel(Czechia);
  • “Addicted to the Stars” by Michael Radford (Great Britain).

These films, offered for a discussion, have been included in the anthology “10 minutes older: the Cello” (Great Britain/ Germany, 2002).

There are many schools of cinematography, but the audience needs a school that would help them read images, analyze cinema, ask questions and find answers. Psychoanalysis with the use of cinema is of a great importance. Besides, this is interesting as everyone likes cinema. However, the language of cinema is sometimes difficult to understand. A person has to learn to find the food for reflection, therapy and the mirror of the soul in the multidimensional and many-sided art of cinema.

Andrey Chuprinsky, PhD, docent, member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers held the discussion.

During the cinema show and the following discussion, participants could comprehend the movies and discover the new angles of the concept “time”. The expert conducted the discussion attracting the audience’s attention to the plot and its cause-and-effect relations, external images and inner senses.

Thus within the framework of the project “The Reference Point” a new form of educative and creative programs – cinema format – was tested. The program is held with the purpose of developing the audience’s taste of art and creative thinking, and also creating a club of cinema lovers.