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With love for Woman

With love for  Woman
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The thematic exhibition "With Love for Woman..." is hold in the periodicals reading room (room 106) from March 3 to April 27.

The Women's Day... This first spring holiday brings and multiplies all the most bright feelings, respect, gratitude and love for the beautiful half of humanity.

For centuries, women all over the world have ruled nations, fought for the rights of their peoples, made scientific discoveries, inspired to feats and became pioneers. The names of some women are widely known, others are less famous but it does not make their achievements less valuable. The magazines Belaruskaya Dumka, Delo, Planeta make possible to pay attention to the role of women in history.

The role of the housewife has ceased to be a monopoly of women, as well as intellectual activity isn’t more the monopoly of men. We are increasingly seeing women in politics, business, and science. The magazines Alesya and Zhenskiy zhurnal (Women’s journal) tell stories about such multi-faceted personalities.

The exposition represents the periodicals Zhenskoe zdorovje (Women's Health), Kudesnitsa, Zdorovje i uspeh (Health and Success), Secrety iszelenija (Secrets of Healing), Zdorovje (Health) from which you can learn how to stay always young, healthy and beautiful, about the secrets of longevity and impeccable appearance.

Regardless of the field of activity, every woman has her own hobbies. Publications in the magazines Podelis sovetom (Share advice), Domashniy (Home), Nasha kuhnja (Our kitchen), Zolotyje ruchki (Golden hands) and many others will tell you how to diversify your free time.

There are about 40 periodicals at the exhibition.

For more information: (8 017) 293 25 87.


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Turning the Pages of Time

30 May 2018

They say like century, like people. And if you want to know more about “centuries” and “peoples”, read newspapers.  This is still as relevant as it was one hundred years ago. “Newspaper Age: Pages of Time” is a  new co-project of the newspaper  “Sovetskaya Belorussiya – Belarus Segodnya” and the National Library of Belarus, which offers a historical journey through newspapers’ pages and, conformably, an acquaintance with Belarus in the early 20th century.  

Newspaper Age: Pages of Time