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Through the prism of centuries to the future

Through the prism of centuries to the future
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From 4th July to 15th August, in the Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) there runs the book exhibition Through the prism of centuries to the future which presents historical, adventure, detective and sci-fi stories of Belarusian writers.

One could say without exaggeration that everybody loves adventure, detective and fantastic literature. Today it has become particularly popular. The exposition acquaints readers with the best editions of these genres: literary thrillers about bygone times, books about space travel and unknown civilizations, about clearance of shocking crimes and talented inspectors.

The thematic book exhibition presents historical and adventure novels by V. Korotkevich, V. Orlov, O. Ipatova, L. Dayneko, K. Tarasov, Y. Tatarinov etc. Their books fascinate with the plot and the generosity of characters.

Ability to imagination is one of the major qualities of a person as imagination promotes spiritual movement, artistic and technical creativity, and helps to comprehend our world. The exposition acquaints with origins of the genre of fantasy which has presented in Belarusian literature for a long time and is connected with folklore and beliefs of Belarusians (Yan Barschevskiy’s Shlyakhtich Zavalnya); considers the development of the genre of fantasy fiction from sci-fi novels of V. Shytyk and M. Gomolko to N. Rakitina’s fantasy and A. Pavlukhin’s cyberpunk. In their works writers raise topical questions, depict the perspectives of spiritual, scientific and technical development of mankind. And readers’ interest in this genre of literature is growing for, as I. Minskevich said, “if science fiction is created in the people’s language, this people has a future”.

In comparison with other genres, the detective story in Belarusian literature has appeared later – at the end of the 20th century. The books by V. Korotkevich King Stakh’s Wild Hunt and The Black Castle of Olshany became crucial in its formation. Also the exhibition presents books by Belarusian authors М. Adamchik, N. Cherginets, М. Klimkovich, S. Trakhimyonok, V. Pravdikhin, I. Voronov etc.

The exhibition section dedicated to children adventure stories is also interesting. Books by Y. Maur, P. Misko, M. Chernyavsky, E. Skobelev, D. Vinogradov and other Belarusian writers are on display here.

A separate part of the exposition acquaints with publications in scientific collections and magazines devoted to the development of Belarusian fantasy, the national detective story and historical prose.

About 320 documents are on display.

Contact phone number: (+375 17) 293 27 16.