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The symphony of color

The symphony of color
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From July 9th, at the Visual Materials Reading Room (room 307) runs the exhibition “The symphony of color” dedicated to the 180th birthday of French painter and impressionist Camille Pissarro (1830–1903).

Owing to his talent, painstaking work and his own unique vision of the world, the artist had managed to create the original masterpieces which became the history of the world art. At the end of the XIX century the anarchist ideas exerted a dramatic influence not only on workers, but also on artists and literati. Many writers and artists were inspired by the idea of a social revolution. For some of them, it was only a fashion, and this fashion had passed when they gained success and wealth. Others kept fidelity to anarchism for all life. Camille Pissarro was among them.

As an avant-garde painter, he rejected bourgeoisie and authority and admired the human personality. Anarchism let Pissarro express his concept of beauty: “Any art is anarchist, if it is beautiful and practices the good …”. He painted, first of all, landscapes and portraits. His paintings are performed with thick dabs and are full of light. Peasants’ life was his ideal, the country and fields were his symbol of utopia. In his eyes, that was the world to save for next generations before it was destroyed by industrialization.

Pissarro’s painting systems is based on the combination of pastose colors, the expressive rhythm of a drawing and audacious, free decisions.

The exhibition witch runs up to August 26th presents albums, books, articles, postcards and reproductions of the works by the eminent artist.

The exposition is designed for everyone who is interested in Camille Pissarro’s life and career.

Contact phone number: (+375-17) 293-27-53.


25 Interesting Facts About the National Library of Belarus

15 Sep 2022

“The Belarusian diamond, the treasury of knowledge, the keeper of the historical and cultural heritage, the republican information, scientific and socio–cultural center and the business card of Belarus”, as our readers called the library. Hundred thousand people nave visited our institution since it has been established. In the running up of the centenary we have something to surprise you with: here you have a top of interesting facts! Check yourself, how much do you know exactly?

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus

The National Library's anniversary is being broadcast on Belarusian television!

16 Sep 2022

A number of events commemorating the centennial will take place in 2022. The exhibition project "Diamonds of the Century: from the library collection," the exhibition "100 rarities: from historical book collections to modern art books," the mobile photo exhibition "National Library of Belarus," the educational campaign "Biblionoch," and many other projects are among the most notable.

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus