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The song of a generous heart

The song of a generous heart
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From July 7th to July 31st at the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) is open an anniversary exhibition "The song of a generous heart” timed to the 90th birthday of Belarusian poet and translator Alyes Astapenko (1920–1970).

The poems by Alyes (Alexander Cyrillovich) Astapenko glorify the feat of arms of the Soviet man and his creative peaceful labor.

The exposition presents more than 70 documents classified in 4 subject sections.

The first section ”The poetry of creative labor and peace” includes books by the author “The Trial” (1947, 1980), “The Day of My Fatherland” (1952), “The Heart is Singing” (1960), and also his publications in journals and collections.

Alyes Astapenko was a prolific translator. The section ”The skill of a translator” shows his translations of Georgian fairytales and works by Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, German and Polish poets into the Belarusian language.

In the section ”And the song remains...” are displayed works by Alyes Astapenko set to music by Belarusian composers G. Vagner, I. Kuznetsov, D. Lukas, S. Polonsky,G. Pukst, N. Sokolovsky.

The section ”The way of life and creation” acquaints with publications on the poet’s creative activity from encyclopedias, journals and collections.

The exposition is illustrated with the photos of the writer.

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