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The great treasury of the nation

The great treasury of the nation
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From November 19th, 2009, to December 30th, 2009, in graphic and video materials reading room (room 307) is open a book-illustrative exhibition “The great treasury of the nation”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

It is possible to consider November, 5th, 1939 as the date of birth of the museum. That day the State Picture Gallery was opened. At the time, its collection included art works which had been collected after the civil war in the first museums of Minsk, Vitebsk, and Mogilev. During the Great Patriotic War, most exhibits had been plundered and destroyed. The post-war revival of the gallery had became possible thank to a long-term activity of its second director E.V. Aladova who had devoted her whole life to reconstruction and updating of the collection. In 1957, the picture gallery moved to a new building and received the status of the State Art Museum of the Belarusian Soviet Socialistic Republic (BSSR).

Today the National Art Museum (the actual name since1993) is well-known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Its exposition, filial branches and stocks contain more than 27 thousand art works which make 20 various collections in two main museum assemblies: national art and monuments of art of different countries and nations of the world. The exhibition displays over 60 documents: albums, books, postcards and reproductions, articles from periodicals revealing the history of the museum and telling about its founders N.P. Miholape, E.V.Aladova, and Y.A. Karachun.

The exposition is designed for everyone who is interested in the history of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

Contact: (+375-17) 293-27-58.


The State Library of the BSSR named after Lenin is one of the largest cultural and educational institutions of the republic: based on the materials of the periodical press of the first half of the 1950s, the database "NBB in the press"

20 Jul 2023

In the 1950s of the last century, the State Library named after V.I. Lenin was tasked with organizing activities as a centre for interlibrary subscription, scientific, methodological and bibliographic work and the main base of library and bibliographic services for research work in the republic, as well as the central state book depository of the BSSR. Thus, the role of the library in ensuring the social and cultural development of the state and society was emphasized.

To the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus