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The genius of the three peoples

The genius of the three peoples
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From November 20th, 2009, to December 15th, 2009, in Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) is open a book exhibition “The genius of the three peoples” dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Nicolay Yanchuk (1859–1921).

Nicolay Yanchuk is an outstanding Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian scientist-Slavist, ethnographer, folklorist, anthropologist, literary critic and writer.

Scientific papers by the author testify to his deep theoretical conception of the phenomena of material and spiritual culture. Nicolay Yanchuk had a great respect for all phenomena of national culture, studying life and folklore of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus peoples. In many works he came to conclusions on general Slavonic and also general-theoretical scale.

Nicolay Yanchuk’s scientific heritage has not lost its importance; contemporaries study his works with a great interest.

In the first section of the exposition “Wonderful treasures” are displayed Nicolay Yanchuk’s works on history, archaeology, Slavonic culture, literature, ethnography and folklore published between the 1880th and 1920th The section of the exhibition displays as well works by other authors in which preparation Nicolay Yanchuk participated as an editor, complier and translator.

The second section of the exhibition “The high mission of the Slavist” acquaints with publications about the author’s life and scientific and public work. Books and articles from encyclopedias, journals and series are exhibited.

The exposition includes more than 100 documents.

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