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The first flowers

The first flowers
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From 21 September to 10 October, an exhibition "The first flowers", dedicated to the 120th anniversary from he date of the birth of Belarusian writer Zoska Veras (1892–1991), runs in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205).

Zoska Veras is a well-known penname of Ludwika Savitskaya. As a writer, essayist, memoirist, editor, social and cultural figure she left a large creative heritage which includes poetry, short stories and numerous articles on agriculture and teaching. In her youth she has been already taken part in the organization and activities of the Grodno circle of Belarusian Youth which aim was to develop national-patriotic consciousness of the mass. Zoska Veras was personally acquainted with M. Bogdanovich, M. Gorki, Z. Beduly, V. Golubok, Yadvigin Sh. and other well-known figures of Belarusian culture. She founded, published and edited the popular magazines for children Zaranka and Praleskі. Zoska Veras also published the specialized magazine Belaruskaya Borts, etc.

The exhibition consists of two parts. The first section "Ericaceae leaves", dedicated to the work of the writer. A little book "Belarusian-Polish-Russian-Latin botanical dictionary", published by Z. Veras in 1924 in Vilna, will attract a special attention. One of exhibits is a collection of poems and short stories The Spikelets (Kalaski) (1985). The centerpiece of the exhibition is the author’s poetry, published in the magazines of pre-war and post-war periods: The Plow (Saha), The Redbreast (Zaranka), Students’ Thought (Studentskaya dumka), The Way of Youth (Shlyakh moladzi), The Flame (Polymya), The Native Word (Rodnae slovo), The Woman-Worker and the Peasant Woman (Rabotnіtsa i syalyanka), etc. The section also contains her correspondence with N. Vatatsi, A. Bachila, V. Skalaban.

The second section of the exhibition "The mistress of a forest house" includes encyclopedias with articles about Z. Veras, memories of meetings and acquaintances with her, as well as poetry of V. Skorinkin, R. Borodulin, V. Shnip, dedicated to her.

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