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The Feeling of an Endless Light

The Feeling of an Endless Light
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On the 80th anniversary of Siarhiej Fiodaravic Davidovic, the Hall of Belarusian Literature (room 205) hosts the exhibition “The Feeling of an Endless Light” from July 1st to August 15th.

Siarhiej Davidovic is both an artist and a novelist, but above all a poet. Moreover, not only because he successfully inhabits the genres of poetry and poems, but also the poet according to the warehouse of his soul, world perception. His life path is filled with active creative work. A fruitful work of writing is crowned with a 14-volume collection of works, numerous editions of books of poetry and prose, poems and fairy tales for children.

S. Davidovich's works are distinguished by their thematic diversity and depth of empathy for their literary heroes, they are united by the author's sincerity and love for his land. Many of them are dedicated to their native land, the landscapes of Lahojsyna. Works for children teach responsiveness, encourage you to treat all life on earth carefully and responsibly.

Davidovich's talent in the genre of lyric-epic poems was truly revealed. In terms of genre and subject matter, his poems are different: lyrical sublimity of feelings, philosophical thinking, humor, satire, and grotesque, but all works are united by a central cause – the cause of pain, anxiety, and responsibility for their native land, for their people. As Mikhail Poznyakov accurately noted, “they include ‘the view of people’s life’. No one has shown it so much after Yakub Kolas in Novaya Zemlya and Neil Gilevich in the novel Natural Children, as Davidovich in his poems.”

Songs by Belarusian composers were written based on the words of Sergey Davidovich, I. Luchanok, E.Glebov, E. Zaritsky, L. Zahlevny and others. In 2001, the Belarus film studio released the comedy “Svezhina s Salyutom” based on his script.


The exhibition introduces visitors to the rich literary heritage of the writer, as well as materials about the life and creative path of the hero of the day. Readers of the book of poems will not be left indifferent “Lusterka lesu,” “Zvany chasu,” “100 paem,” poetic and prose books “Nyasu svoy kryzh,” “Horkaya kroplia,” “Dushy mayoj byasonica,” “Gumarynku pad yazyk,” “Razvod po Slavyansky,” “U viry padzej,” “Rozdum,” “Akrylenast,” books for children “Kazki i prygody,” “Dzedava zhalejka,” “Dzivos z dzivosay,” and other works by Sergey Fedorovich Davidovich.

The books presented in the exhibition can be ordered through the electronic catalog of the National Library of Belarus.

The exhibition's opening hours correspond to the library's opening hours.
Admission is by using a reader's ticket or a social and cultural center ticket.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16

By the Specialized Funds Service Department.


“Promoting books in the digital transformation century”: the interregional session for public libraries of the Brest region.

11 Aug 2022

The interregional session for directors of the library systems of the Brest region and the heads of Information and service departments of the central regional (urban) libraries “Promoting books in the digital transformation century” takes place in the premises of the Luninets district centralized library system between 9th–10th August.

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The collections of the Center for people’s diplomacy of the Shanghai cooperation organization in Uzbekistan is to be added with the Belarussian literature

28 Jul 2022

A solemn ceremony on handing over the books to the Room of knowledge of the Center for people’s diplomacy of the Shanghai cooperation organization in Uzbekistan held on July 28th, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National library of Belarus and implementing international project “Belarus today”.

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