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The family in the modern world

The family in the modern world
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A subject book exhibition "The family in the modern world” timed to World Family Day runs at reading room 207 from 5 May to 9 June.

This Day was proclaimed in 1993 by the UN General Assembly’s resolution on the International Year of the Family (А/RES/47/237) and is observed annually on 15 May.

The establishment of this Day was caused by the world community’s concern over the current state of the family and its role in social life and children education.

The major task of the founders of  World Family Day is to draw the attention of international organizations, state bodies and the world community to numerous problems of the family, to the questions of its construction and preservation. The observance of the Day enables to extend the knowledge of social, economic and demographic processes influencing social position of the family, children education and the culture of interpersonal communications.

The world is changing, and the family traditions, structures and relationships are changing as well. Nevertheless, the family as a basic element of society has always been and still remains the keeper of human values, culture and historical continuity of generations, the factor of stability and development. Human life begins with the family, the family builds the citizen. The family is a source of love, respect, solidarity and attachment, the basis of any civilized society. The family makes our life happier, livelier and richer. Strong and safe families are the guarantee of progress and prosperity of any society. The basic purpose of the family policy in any state is support of the family so that it could carry out its economic, reproduction, educational, cultural and psychological functions.

Support of the family in the Republic of Belarus is the priority guidelines of the national policy.

The priority directions of the national family policy are: improvement of financial position of the family, strengthening of moral principles of the family and promotion of its image, rendering of all-round aid to the family in children education, support of gifted children, mother and child health promotion, children’s rights protection, social orphanage prevention, strengthened attention to incomplete and needy families with the purpose of creation of favorable conditions for their ability to live, all-round preparation of youth for marriage, home life and family planning, family trouble prevention etc.

The exhibition presents more than 100 documents of international organizations (UNO, UNESCO, the European Union, the Council of Europe): books, brochures, periodicals and mimeographed documents in Russian, French and English.

The exposition includes the subject sections as follow:

  • The family institute in the epoch of social change;
  • Legal regulations of family relations;
  • The woman and the family: marriage, motherhood and career;
  • Children education in the family;
  • Family health;
  • The family and violence;
  • Family psychology, the family and the marriage;
  • The family in the modern Belarusian society: the current state and the prospects.

The exhibition is designed for specialists in social sciences, students, post-graduates, lecturers in sociology, demography and law, and also for everyone who is interested in the issues of the family.

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