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The Library Opened the Exhibition Dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus

The World Population: Present and Future

The World Population: Present and Future
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The Official Documents Service Department (room 207) has opened a thematic exhibition "World Population: Present and Future", dedicated to World Population Day to last from July 1st to August 9th.

The exhibition presents demographic trends, estimates and forecasts in the field of population, as well as world demographic statistics and population policy.

The exhibition includes about 90 documents in Russian and English. These are books, periodicals, brochures, booklets, and mimeographed materials. Most of the exhibition is made up of documents of international organizations – reports and reports of the United Nations such as: World Development Report, Human Development Report, annual reports of the United Nations Population Fund, official reports of the Commission on Population and Development, etc.

Among the documents presented at the exhibition are statistical collections on population, encyclopedias and reference books, monographs, materials of demographic research, textbooks, scientific reports, materials of scientific conferences, analytical reviews.


The exhibition includes the following thematic sections:

Population and demographic trends:
  • world statistic World population: history, problems, research.
  • UNFPA activities Population, environment, education and sustainable development
  • Demographic situation and human capital of the Republic of Belarus

    The exhibition will be of interest to teachers, postgraduates and students of higher educational institutions of humanitarian and economic profiles, researchers, specialists in the field of demography, sociologists, employees of public administration bodies, as well as anyone interested in socio-demographic and socio-economic problems.

    World Population Day was first celebrated on July 11th, 1989, by decision of the United Nations General Assembly. Of the Governing Council United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP decision 89/46, paragraph 21). In December 1990, the General Assembly adopted resolution 45/216 and decided to continue the annual observance of World Population Day to raise awareness of demographic issues, including their relationship to the environment and development.

    The total population of our planet is growing rapidly every year. In 2011, it reached the level of 7 billion people. As of June 2022, the world's population is approximately 7.95 billion people and is increasing by more than 90 million people annually.

    Rapid population growth and mobility, aging and urbanization – these unprecedented demographic changes in the world offer huge opportunities, but at the same time turn out to be serious problems. Active population growth affects the state of ecology, natural resources, and socio-economic development. Numerous crises – food, fuel, environmental, and financial – pose significant challenges and encourage the international community to realize the need to pay much more attention to demographic problems and fundamental elements of sustainable development.

    World Population Day calls on the inhabitants of the Earth to prevent the depletion of the planet, focus on finding the best ways to resolve the current demographic situation, and ensure a decent standard of living and health for every inhabitant of the planet.

    Useful links:


    Major United Nations economic and social surveys and reports:

    The opening hours of the exhibition corresponds to the library’s opening hours.
    Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

    For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 26

    By Official Documents Service Department.

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