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The Dynamic Component of Creativity

The Dynamic Component of Creativity
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The exhibition "The Living Element of Creativity" honours Belarusian author Ivan Nikolaevich Ptashnikov's 90th birthday from October 1 to November 3 in the Belarusian literature reading room (room 205) (1932-2016).

Ivan Ptashnikov is a gifted and intelligent member of his generation, the generation of war children, and one of the most intriguing and creative prose authors in Belarusian literature. The author's spiritual universe and his artistic character were created by the magical world of nature, human existence, their labour, daily activities, relationships, the fight for independence and the restoration of their native land, courage, and generosity of spirit. The author's novels, novellas, and short tales are well recognised not only in Belarus but even outside of its borders.

Ivan Ptashnikov distinguishes out among modern Belarusian novels for his commitment to the village topic. The writer's attention is still on the fate of a villager on many life pathways, as well as his personality, civic responsibility, and societal value. The exhibition introduces visitors to the literary heritage of the writer dedicated to this topic: the novels "Wait in distant Villages", "Mstizhi", "Olympics".

The war has a significant position in I. Ptashnikov's work. His recollection of the war's atrocities and suffering will always be present. That is why the war, the time of restoration of the native land are revealed in the works of the writer deeply and truthfully, sharply and tragically, emotionally and intensely: the stories "Lonva", "Tartak", "Neudorf", the stories "Aleshka", "Dears", "A Refugee", etc.

The first book by the author, "Grain Does Not Fall on a Stone," which was released in 1959, as well as compilations of his writings and books of chosen writings from various publications are displayed on the shelves. Visitors can familiarise themselves with I. Ptashnikov's short story "Lions," which was the first piece of prose written in Belarus regarding the Chernobyl disaster.

Translations of the author's writings into Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, Bulgarian, and other languages are included in a distinct section of the exhibition.

The exhibition's final section introduces you to publications found in encyclopaedias, novels, and articles regarding I. Ptashnikov's life and career.

You can place an order for the books featured in the exhibition using the National Library of Belarus's web catalogue.

The opening hours of the exhibition corresponds to the library’s opening hours.
Entrance to the exhibition is available by the library ticket or ticket of the library's social and cultural center.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 16

The article is provided by the Special collections service department.


The Christmas Star

7 Dec 2022

The Ring Gallery (second floor) will play host to the joyous exhibition "The Christmas Star", which is dedicated to Christmas and New Year, from December 7 to January 16.

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